I was part of a workshop this past week given through Paranormal Workshops, a yahoo group. This months workshop was from Jennifer Dunne and the topic was Abundance Thinking. It talked about clearing your blockages to change your thinking and to attract those things you desire to your life.
Though I didn't participate much, I did read the entries with interest. And they got me to thinking about attracting those things in our life that we need most. Notice that I didn't say "the things we WANT most". Because frankly, a lot of the things we think we need we really don't. I really want a new car and enough money to do all the things that I'd like. What I need is a healthy body and a to feel confident in my abilities enough to attract those around me who can help me. Does this make sense? Want and need. Those are concepts that so many people confuse. We tend to obsess on the things we want. I want to win the lottery. I'm going to buy tons of tickets with the hope of winning. I'm going to go without something else to take bargain for something I want. I see it a lot in my job. People who spend exorbitant amounts of money on scratch tickets and lottery tickets, all in the hopes of being that one in a million. Now, I'm not trying to preach here. I buy my own share of lottery tickets and I've even been known to tell them at work that if I win the lottery I won't be in the next morning. But I do know the difference between want and need.
I need to stay healthy so that I can be there for my kids in the future. I know this, and there are a lot of times when I get off track and forget that this is a need that I can't ignore. This week I got another wake up call. I'm okay, but it was a strict reminder that I need to take care of myself. I'll be a little better about it... at least for awhile.
One other example happened about a little over a year ago. When it comes to September I always have a hard time because it was during this time that my mom became really sick and died. Anyway, I was missing her a lot and I was sitting by self wondering if she had any idea of where I was in my life. I was a bit depressed, missing my best friend. I went about my day, did my job, put on a good face for everyone and at the end of the day, when I was finally leaving work I was going out the door when I happened to meet up with my mom's friend, Brenda. She'd worked with Brenda for years. We had a short conversation and during that time I mentioned that I had my first book was coming out. Brenda smiled and told me how proud my mom was of me. Not... would be. But was. This was one of those things that I needed. I asked and I got. Does make one think that there is something to it. Doesn't it?

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