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I'm still working on my Nocturne Bite. This as I said before is Lilly's Nocturne Bite and she is getting a little ansy about my finishing her story. Actually, she's not usually the pushy type, but frankly she's a little upset that her sister's story took 5 days total and this is taking... well, much longer.

The process of writing for me is... just that... a process. I start with inspiration. Either a dream, a character, a germ of an idea and build from there. This one started with the idea that she was an artist and the man who shows up on her doorstep is an indian. A Cherokee Indian. Now, I've always tended toward Irishmen, so when this gentleman showed up I was very surprised. His name is Graham. Surprisingly, I found after doing more research that Graham is the name of a county near the reservation. He is taking shape, just like Lilly. In fact, he becomes stronger every day. It's a bit disconcerting, but it is their story after all... I'm just the writer.

Who are the characters that you've read lately that have jumped off the page for you?

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