Today's topic? Rejection

Yup, I got one yesterday. I didn't have to wait long for this one, but then, that's okay with me. Usually, I write my blog a day ahead. That gives me time during the day to reflect on the next topic at hand. But frankly, after I got the R I just wasn't up to it.

Now, 24 hours later, I have a bit of a distance on it. I actually didn't stop for long. Soon after getting the rejection I was emailing my Maine RWA cohorts about possible places to send my much loved story. They came through with flying colors and sympathy and encouragement. All the things that I needed at that time. I've said it before, "writing" can be a solitary profession. But it takes many people to be a "published" writer.

I've never been one to reach out and ask of others. It's not truly in my nature. I tend to be the one who wants to give to others. And I do mean "want". Sometimes, the difficulty is in asking help. But there's nothing wrong with it and it doesn't make you weaker. Sometimes, it just nice to have friends who rally around you, even when there is nothing they can do except offer kind words. I'm blessed.

Rejection? Yes, it sucks. But there is always tomorrow and somebody else may just love my story as much as I do. Both of my books were rejected other places before finding a home. I can only hope that this one has the same fate.


L.J. Sellers said...

I sympathize. Loving support helps, and I'm glad you have it. Good luck with your story!

Vivian Zabel said...

No matter what, rejection hurts at first, sometimes for a long time. But, good for you for picking yourself up and going forward.

By the way, I'm not exactly "from" Maine, but I graduated from Limestone High School when my father was in the Air Force and Loring AFB was still in existence.

Vivian Zabel

Anonymous said...

I applaud you and your outlook. Rejection is one of the hardest things for writers/authors to deal with. You just need to remember that it is not a personal rejection. It is one person's OPINION of your work. Every person who reads it will have a different OPINION and ultimately you will find the one who LOVES it!

Karen Syed

Joyce Anthony said...

Aww, Sweetie--it just wasn't the spot for your book--you will find the place that is just waiting for it!!! Where did you get those cool progress bars in your sidebar????

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