Under the Tuscan Sun is on again. I admitted to the kids that I've already seen this movie three times before. Twice in one night when I actually rented it. I like this movie a lot. Not because it has a dashing romance, in fact very little of the story is romance. Nor do I watch it for the beautiful scenery. And yes, the scenery is breathtaking. But it's more for the characters and the simple lines of the movie that translate into scenes that steal your heart.

There's a moment at the beginning of the movie when she sees the flyer for the Villa for sale. She's just come out a bad divorce, lost most of her personal identity and she is floundering. A stranger observes her looking at the flyer and asks her if she is going to buy it and she tells her that she is just a visitor. Basically, that it would be a crazy idea for her to buy a Villa. On the bus leaving town they are stopped in front of a high wall and she looks out the window to see the name of the Villa on a sign set into the wall.

"It's a sign," my daughter tells me from her place next to me on the bed. And I thought, yup, it's a sign. And then, I ran to my computer to write this blog post.

Signs... they're everywhere. Whether we chose to see them or not. I am a big believer that there are no coincidences. That you are where you are supposed to be in your life because you are there to learn a lesson. Whether you learn the lesson or not is up to you.

Signs are like our instincts on Red Bull. They are for those moments when you've totally missed all the other things your body, mind and soul have been trying to tell you. I firmly believe that the more you hone your instincts and heed what they tell you, the more aware you will become of what is going on around you... inside you... to those you love... and in the books you write.

There have been too many times in my life for me to recount that I saw a sign and didn't listen.
Every character that I've written has had to undergo some sort of internal struggle, something they need to learn in order to move on and find happiness. Some sign that they were meant to see. When I'm struggling with a book, it's usually because the internal struggle for the main character has fallen flat. It helps me to go back and ask the question "what is it that the character is missing?"

Maybe they just need a bigger sign.

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zhadi said...

I am a believer in synchronicity and being attuned to what's going on around and inside of us. The times I am, I always make better decisions that lead me closer to where I want to go...or need to go, even if I don't realize the 'need' part at the time. Here's to signs!!

And I love that movie too!

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