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Okay, so I am now completely off track with the journey thing. But I was working on my newest project, the dark paranormal suspense set in New Orleans and I began to wonder something...

Should authors who write two very different genres use two different names to publish under?

Amanda Quick/Jayne Ann Krentz/Jayne Castle comes to mind. 3 different genres, three different pseudonyms. I've also got a friend who writes erotica and a few other things and she has at least three names she pubs under. I'm never quite sure what I'm supposed to call her.
I have a hard time remembering if I'm supposed to call myself by my real name or my pseudonym whenever I send out an email. I can't imagine adding another pseudonym to the mix.
And that follows that if I've built up the little following that I have already with Obsidian and Three Truths (one sweet paranormal, the other romantic mystery)... should I have a different persona for the dark paranormals that I'm writing now?
My first response would be to say no. But I've heard logical arguments on both sides. Some say that readers don't want to have to worry what kind of book they are picking up. They want to know that if they pick up a book by Nora then it's going to be primarily a romance, and if it's J.D. then it's going to be about the suspense.
But for arguments sake, let's just ponder what happens if you aren't the Noras or the Amandas? Then you are going to have to worry about two different sites, two different marketing and promotion plans, two very different personalities when it comes to gearing content of your blogs and sites toward your readers.
It's a quandry.

What do you all think? Two or one?

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zhadi said...

SInce I've started writing erotica, I'm opting for two, but the publishing company I'm working for will give me a webpage on their site and link it to my author blog. So...I'll have the benefits of name 'branding' without having to set up another website.

I wanna read your dark paranormal book!!!

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