Lessons Learned...

So, I took the challenge of posting every day for the month of August. I actually started early by posting in the few days leading up to the challenge and today, marks the end of the challenge.

Some things I learned...

1. I do have something to say every day. It's not always the most brilliant and sometimes it's simply just a thought for the day. Whatever it was that I posted I hope someone got some enjoyment out of it. I enjoyed writing them.

2. Preparation makes all the difference. I learned to post ahead if I knew that the next day was going to be a zoo. Thank goodness for preposting. It saved me. I also knew that weekends were going to be my worst time to blog so I wrote Saturdays blog on Friday and Sundays were great quotes that I found along the way.

3. While my hits on my blog did pick up they were never "over the top" I didn't quite have the success that some of the participants had. But I had more than I've ever had. It has also increased the amount of traffic to my regular website www.TeaganOliver.com so I know that are those people out there who are reading this.

4. Don't spread yourself to thin. I twitter now. You can follow me on twitter at http://www.twitter.com/teaganoliver There are tons of places that you can go to network online. I just joined http://www.mypara.net for those who are interested in talking about ghosts and paranormal stuff. If you want to friend me on that site I'm GhostGirl. and I'm the one lurking in the corner until I figure out how to be involved with the site. I also have let my other blog go a little, so I'm looking forward to getting http://www.paranormalmaine.blogspot.com back up and active again. I owe a few people a podcast review post. I haven't forgotten.

5. There are people out there who share your dreams. And I don't mean that we all share the same views. But we came together in this challenge and found that we had a common ground in blogging that we could all agree on.

Thank you all who visited my blog during the challenge. I appreciate your support and your great thoughts. I hope you'll continue to visit. I hope that if I've gained anything from this challenge it's that I've met some incredible people and learned some incredible things over the time.

Blessing to you all...


Helen Ginger said...

Nice post Teagan. There's so much to learn and do online, you really have to pick and choose or you'll burn out or let things slip by the wayside. This was a good exercise. I don't know that it's become a habit because I'm not sure I'll continue blogging 7 days a week or go back to my previous 5 days a week. We'll see.

I do appreciate when folks Tweet that they've updated their blogs. I can do a quick click on the url and go there fast.

Uh, you do realize that August has 31 days?

zhadi said...

I'll be back, Teagan! I've very much enjoyed your posts and am happy to have 'met' you via the blog challenge!

©Hotbutton Press said...

Teagan, I wonder just how many folks were using my links list, and you got fewer visitors because you were last on my list. Could be. When we do this again in February, remind me to put you first on the list! :)


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