Help Restore Maine's Pemaquid Lighthouse

I'm taking a break from my promised posts about the Hero's Journey to talk about something very important. My daughter has gotten behind the cause and wants to get as many people as possible to vote for Pemaquid Point Lighthouse. Be sure to look for the "vote" button on the page to take you to the list to vote.
The following, is from my daughter....

Recently while watching the news a story came up. It was about a contest in which 12 lighthouses had been chosen from an original 49 nominees from all over the United States. The winning lighthouse will receive new windows and doors.

In the running for this prize is Pemaquid Point Lighthouse in Maine. In the past few years, people have raised enough money to give the outside of the lighthouse a renovation. They are hoping to win this contest in order to finish the outside with all new windows and doors. Unfortunately, the lighthouse is behind in votes and would need a surge of new votes to catch up. By clicking on the link below and voting you are bring the lighthouse one vote closer to being finished. After all, the lighthouse represents Maine and its coast in a way only second to lobsters and clams down on the beach. Whether you live in Maine or have moved but are still deeply connected to this great state, you can make a difference by voting and then sending the link to friends, parents and other family members.

On the sponsor's site, there are before and after photos of the past winning lighthouses. The results are amazing.

Please vote and help restore a true Maine symbol

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zhadi said...

I'm on my way to vote. I love lighthouses - they are the essence of romance and adventure. And since I have no favorits, I'm voting for yours!

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