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I just finished Enchanting Pleasures by Eloisa James. I picked this book up during the late night excursion to Borders for the Breaking Dawn release party and when I picked it up I didn't realize that it was one of her older books. I was just happy to find a book of hers that I hadn't read. I love Eloisa's books. There are very few author's that can successfully and what appears to be effortlessly mix history, engaging characters and a the love of a love story. I kinow when I pick one of her books up that I won't be disappointed. And with Enchanting Pleasures the read was true to form. The characters were delightful and I loved the mix with the Indian culture and the history of the East India Trading company. Her heroines are always intelligent, insightful and never afraid (at least at the end of the story) to go after what they want. Her heroes are often working under misinformation (for which the heroine will gladly dispell) or they are trying so hard to do what they feel is the right thing for themselves... only to find their lives thrown into chaos and their hearts under seige from women who are usually not what they thought they wanted.

Check out Eloisa Jame's books at her website and if you sign up you get some delightful extras, such as extra chapters and information that make you want to devour all of her books. As for me? I'm off to Borders tomorrow to find the other two books in the early trilogy, Potent Pleasures and Midnight Pleasures, so that I can satisfy my own pleasure... reading her books.


©Hotbutton Press said...

I've been reading Nora Roberts as an exercise even though I'm not a huge romance fan. I'm still alive, but wow, some of those love scenes are kind of.... um, descriptive. Mercy! My poor old heart. LOL.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE Eloisa James' books. She is a wonderful writer and a great storyteller.

I have also found a new respect for Nora Roberts as a storyteller. Ihave issues with some of her writing techniques, but I am especially enjoying her newest batchof books that lean more toward the suspense side.

Karen Syed

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