"Ah, the force is strong within you"

We all know that Yoda's role to Luke was as the wise one. The keeper of the knowledge. Even when Luke didn't want his advice, Yoda knew how to get Luke's attention. He took him from an unpolished, untested fighter to a Jedi Knight. That's what the Wise one does.

Okay, so let's recap again, shall we?
This time we'll use Harry as an example:

Inciting Incident/Call to Adventure: Harry Potter, ordinary boy, living with people who say they are relatives, but have no resemblance to him and treat him horribly. One day, Harry decides that pain-in-neck cousin has done just about enough and magically conjures him behind the glass in the zoo. Thus begins the grand adventure that nets several movies, tons of readers and lots of admiration for Ms. Rowling. Harry doesn't do too bad himself. He is suddenly whisked off to a castle where he learns that he is the legendary child prophecy to fight evil.

Trials and Tribulations: Hmm, way too many to count. Certainly more than a blog post can handle. But there is danger at every turn and then there is the personal lessons that come with growing up and learning to deal with life.

Oh, Wise man... tell us more.
The obvious would be Dumbledore. But there are others that he learns from along the way. Good and bad. Teachers and students. From the Weasley's he learned family. Even Hagrid with his humble ways had so much to teach Harry about loyalty and respect.

Now, it's time for you to tell me who your favorite wiseman is?


Anonymous said...

I really liked the wise experienced old-school salesman that popped up every so often in the movie Jerry Maguire with his marvelous pontifications.

zhadi said...

Easy peasy! Gandalf. He's flawed within his wisdom, but still the quintessential wise man. Just watched those movies over the weekend (well,had them on in the background while I wrote and would pause and watch certain scenes) and I just love that character. Ian McClellan brought him to life far beyond the book...

©Hotbutton Press said...

Easy peasy for me, too. Merlin in the Mary Stewart Trilogy. And after that, Robinton, the Master Harper of Pern.


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