In the name of research... family trips

In my research for the Nocturne Bite that I am writing I did a little digging into the past when it came to Cherokee. I knew that somewhere, buried beneath the mounds of pictures that I had stored away when my mom passed was one picture in particular that I wanted to represent this story. My daughter and I spent about an hour going through pictures until I found it.
I was 9 the summer of 1976 when we made our first trip to the Western Mountains of North Carolina as a family. (For those of you who are doing the math... STOP IT RIGHT NOW!)

Anyway, while we were there we made a trip from my aunt's house on the side of the mountain to the Cherokee Reservation. It was a long time ago, but I remember being fascinated by the dancers in full regalia (especially the ones that were my age) as they performed for the gathering spectators. Anyway, there was a few other thing that I remembered very strikingly... this moment.... Three things to be exact. One, the seventies were not fashion-kind to anyone. Two, that bear was so hot that if I'd actually sat on it I'd have had serious burns. And Third? By far I had the coolest cousin for putting up with me over the years. He may not be so nice when he realizes that I've unearthed this little gem. Love Ya, Steve!

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