Secret Geeks: Confessions of the Maine RWA chatters

Incelebration of our upcoming chat tonight at Coffeetime Romance (at 9pm) I asked my fellow chatters if there was anything that they were secretly geeks for... or about...

Nina Pierce said... Hell yeah! LOL!
I am so into sci-fi. Anything futuristic or space oriented. I love Anne McCaffrey and all her books. But I also read through most of Asimov's "Foundation" series. I believe in aliens and used to wish they would stop by and pick me up. That is until I watched "Fire in the Sky" about the guy who got abducted and all the stuff they put him through. *shiver*. Anyway, that's what I'm into. By the way, check out Nina's blog were she talks about her adventures in writing erotica (and if it's Nina there has to be some humor involved). Her latest book The Healer's Garden is available now and BLIND LOVE will be coming out this summer, both from Liquid Silver Books.

Pam Champagne confess that she's an Elvis Geek... early Elvis, not the Las Vegas Elvis. Check out Pam's book BED OF LIES an April print edition from Samhain Publishing and DEAD HEAT from The Wild Rose Press.

Susan Vaughan admits to always being a geek (used to call it a fanatic) about anything Arthurian, you know, the legends about King Arthur. Read all the books about Guinevere and everyone I could find. But lately I’ve also become a geek about the ancient Maya and hope to have a book published related to them. Susan's next book is Primal Obsession, to be published as an ebook in fall 2008, by The Wild Rose Press. Check out more about Susan's great books and the clocks that her husband makes at her website

Jennifer Linforth found it a bit hard to answer, but said... I'm a geek about Habsuburg history (Austrian royalty. Which obviously I use in my historicals) and research. But when I get stressed writing... I have to have Strawberry Quik. No pink bunny... no writing. Is that geeky? I also love puppets... Kinda fits with a writer don't you think? Puppets and finding a frog make me giddy. I am a kid at heart. MADRIGAL: A Novel of Gaston Leroux's The Phantom of the Opera is releasing Fall 2008 (October or November) in print from Highland Press Publishing.

And what about me?
Well, this picture should explain what kind of Geek I am...

Yes, I'm a secret Pirate Geek. I didn't realize just how much until I went with my husband to pick out his tattoo. I was investigating the amount of pain involved (strictly for writing purposes) when one of the customers showed me his great skull and crossed swords tattoo. My husband looked at the guy and said "Forget the hearts and flowers, that's the tattoo my wife would get." Should be enough said, but sadly there is more. I've an entire collection of books devoted to pirates and pirate wrecks and marine salvage. I've even convinced the hubby that our vacation to the Cape this summer must include a trip to Provincetown to see Barry Clifford's museum dedicated the wreck of the Whydah. If you want to check out my other "secret geek", check out my other blog Ghostgirl. or check out my website at for the latest information on my rerelease of OBSIDIAN coming in October 2008.

So, check back throughout the day and I'll try to post more "Geeks" as they confess!

And be sure to join us tonight at 9pm eastern at in the chat room for lots of fun and some great booty! (Pirate booty, I mean. Not the other kind!)

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Nina Pierce said...

Oh, I'm so glad I'm not the only geek chatting tonight! ;)

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