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Writing from the Dark Side

Heh! I started out calling this blog post "Blogging from the Darkside" and then went to "Writing from the Darkside" and then went on to finally arrive at "Pubbing from the Darkside".  This little tidbit of information should be able to give you a little hint over what has been happening at the Oliver Homestead since I last posted.

Big News! I am part of a great collaboration with a collection of Writers who decided that if a romance book should be done, it should be done by us! Hence, the beginning of what is now know as Welcome to Serenity Harbor, Maine.

This is huge! This is ginormous! All of the books are set around the fictional coastal Maine town of Serenity Harbor. We didn't limit genre, only that their characters fall in love in Maine.

For me, this was a return to something that I love... well, yes... it was a return to writing. I've blogged a little bit about some of my struggles with illness that left with being unable to write for a whi…

So, what's up with me?

I've been vacant for awhile. I've been on vacation for a few days and of course that means time for a road trip. This time I gave in and took the kids to Vermont for a few days. Just me... with one teen and one preteen... for hours at a time in a vehicle together... looking at cows! Yes, I'm insane.

Anyway, we had a good time and covered most of the state. We started with the culinary portion of the tour by entering the state at St. Johnsbury and visiting the Cabot Cheese factory (lots of good samples!) and then moved on to Ben and Jerry's in Waterbury! Both of these are the usual must sees when we go. From there we drove to Burlington and then south to Rutland where we always stay. Mendon Mountain Orchard Motel is a conclave or cottages backed by fragrant apple orchards. We've been going there for 20 years, long before the kids and while it's not five star, we always know that it is going to be comfortable and clean. In this day and age, being able to trust th…

Secret Geeks: Confessions of the Maine RWA chatters

Incelebration of our upcoming chat tonight at Coffeetime Romance (at 9pm) I asked my fellow chatters if there was anything that they were secretly geeks for... or about...

Nina Pierce said... Hell yeah! LOL!
I am so into sci-fi. Anything futuristic or space oriented. I love Anne McCaffrey and all her books. But I also read through most of Asimov's "Foundation" series. I believe in aliens and used to wish they would stop by and pick me up. That is until I watched "Fire in the Sky" about the guy who got abducted and all the stuff they put him through. *shiver*. Anyway, that's what I'm into. By the way, check out Nina's blog were she talks about her adventures in writing erotica (and if it's Nina there has to be some humor involved). Her latest book The Healer's Garden is available now and BLIND LOVE will be coming out this summer, both from Liquid Silver Books.

Pam Champagneconfess that she's an Elvis Geek... early Elvis, not the Las Vegas El…