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This is the review that they gave me for Obsidian... 4 cups! Yeah!



SuspenseRating: 4 cups

Jamie Rivard is a U.S. Coast Guard Officer in the Special Investigating Unit. He is investigating the death of his best friend and fellow officer David who was murdered in a boat explosion, which also injured him. While on medical leave, Jamie unofficial looks at the case David was working on. Working undercover, he hopes to discover who murdered David. Believing Shelby Teague might have a connection Jamie sticks close to her but finds he is falling for her too.
Shelby Teague owns the wharf and runs a store, which is a family business. She became a widow when her husband drowned in the ocean during a dive. Now she fears for her brother Josh since he started diving also. She has started to notice something strange occurring near the place where she takes her nightly walks. Shelby starts developing feelings for the mysterious Jamie who is her new boarder.
When David dies, Jamie is devastated and wants to learn who murdered him. With the unofficial help of their boss, Jamie goes undercover in the coastal town of Chandler looking for answers. He maneuvers his way into the life of Shelby believing she has the answers he is seeking. However, he begins having lustful thoughts about her too. Once someone tries to kill Shelby and Jamie, he comes clean about himself. With the help of Case, the uncle of Shelby, they set out to capture the killers and everything comes together in a climacteric conclusion.
Suspense, romance and intrigue this story definitely has all three. Ms. Oliver has done a fantastic writing a book that will have her readers eating up ever moment of this tale. This story will have you by the seat of your pants. So make sure to put it on your list of books to be read.

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