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And if you haven't attended one of the NECRWA conferences then you've missed quite a bit. I've been attending since the very first one that they held, back at the hotel near the bay. That was the first conference I'd ever attended. I was very scared, very inexperienced, but I also was very determined. I learned a lot from that first conference. I learned that taking a chance is still a step forward, good or bad. I learned that unless you are open to what others have to say then you will never grow. And I learned that not everyone's experiences will work exactly for you. Now, almost 13 years later those same rules still apply. One of my very good friends and resilient travelling companions had an appointment with an agent. But after an uneasy night with little sleep and bit of nerves she feared that her appointment didn't go well. She spent the better portion of the day feeling as if she'd screwed up. I know that feeling well. I've had many a times and especially after my own disastrous editor appointment the previous year. When it comes to those awkward moments it's so easy to beat yourself up over it. But really, it goes back to those lessons I learned at my first conference. If you don't put yourself out there then you have given up your opportunity, your chance at fate. It's still your choice. If you don't take it then you are still comfortably where you were before. You just may not move forward. Possible rejection is a great deterrent, but great success should be a great motivator. By stepping out of her comfort zone she got at least a request or redirection. That is more then she would have gotten had she not tried. I am very proud of her. And I shall follow her lead.

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