To all things Irish! And that includes my family. Or at least my mom's side. This is the day that I celebrate all the great Irish things in my life. We will call each other and wish each other a good day and dress in a bit of the green and even some orange. We will have a traditional dinner. Corned Beef and cabbage... and before you tell me that it's not a traditional Irish dinner I'll tell you that it is a traditional family Irish dinner, especially here in Maine. In fact, the demand for corned beef is so high that I had to go back to the meat department at work the other day and help a gentleman who didn't want to fight his way to the case through the throng of waiting people to get his package. Corned beef is a long standing tradition for those Irish who came to New England. The cut was one of the most inexpensive and could last for long periods of time and the left overs could go into various dishes. The cabbage could be found in many a garden along with the potatoes. Believe me when I say that the New England Irish are a thrifty lot. There will of course be the prerequisite showing of the Quiet Man. Again, a very New England (very Maine connected) movie. I've said this before on this blog, the director John Ford was from Portland, Maine. Very cool. And, at the end of the day, I'll sit down with a bit of whiskey and say a toast to all those that came before me... my mom who instilled in me a love of all that is Irish. My Nana... a great hardworking soul who died way too young and shared my love of Longfellow poetry. My great uncle Billy who cooked me toast for breakfast and took me for wild rides in his old mail jeep... for him I named my son after him. For my great-great uncle Frank who was a world war I flyer, very dapper and debonair, for my great grandfather William who was a conductor on the trolley cars in Boston and came over from Ireland with his own father (William, also) from Belfast. My love goes out to you all.
And to everyone out there, Irish or not.... Happy St. Patrick's Day.

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