It's that time of year.

Tax time. For me, every year at tax time I get this rather unrational fear of doing my taxes. I know, I know, it's not fun for anyone. But I think for me it's a type of test anxiety. I hate anything that goes with being put under a microscope and scrutinized.
But I digress...
I was talking about taxes, specifically writing fiction and taxes. I have a horrible filing system which my daughter scoffs at. It involves a small canvas tote that I put all my receipts into and then log them into a excel file that I created when they are needed. It works for me. I log them by category and I highlight the information using the comment feature to be able to signify which and when the expense was incurred. This has been a learning experience for me. One that I have forced myself to do.

The other thing that I do is keep a log of what writing activity I've done. I don't always have pages to enter, but I list the project that I'm working on, the date, and comments on what I was working on (i.e. revisions, query letters, etc.). This will help in justify my work to anyone who may inquire.

I keep a detailed accounting of my driving trips.mileage by mapping trips out through mapquest and then sending a copy of the itinerary to myself at my email address to be kept on file. I do this after the trip so that I can make any changes that need be (such as my unexpected detour through Bridgeport, CT on the way home from the last NJRWA conference.)

Anyway, the hardest part is done. And now, I can get back to my writing.

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