The calls have gone out

Well, there will be no Rita sitting on my shelf. But then, when you are in the same category competing with the likes of Allison Brenan and Sharon Sala then the chances are pretty slim. Not that I'm saying that they don't deserve it, because frankly, I picked up Allison Brennan's last book and it was so intense I stopped reading it. Sharon Sala is another who consistantly delivers a fabulous book. I think that's a huge part of it. Consistency.

Anyway, I do think that the Romantic Suspense category is a bit like the Paranormal category. There is a huge variance in the level of RS/Paranormal with the hundreds of books that get submitted to the Rita's and all the other contests out there. What I write is closer to a Romantic Mystery, but frankly until they consider that a subgenre of there own I'm still in the RS category.

Kudos and congrats to those who finaled.

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