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On one of the morning shows this morning there was an interview with a priest about the increase in request for exorcisms. This is not just in the States, but across the world. There have been so many requests that the Vatican has added more priests to cover the requests. This in itself is interesting, but what caught my attention were the Priest's comments on what the church considers to be viable reasons to perform an exorcism.

1. The person in question speaks in tongue, foreign languages, especially spoken in another tone.
2. Knowledge of secret things, things that cannot be known by others.
3. Must possess superhuman strength.

These are the things that they consider to be confirmation of a demon possession.

While each of these things combined could lead someone to believe that there is demon possession, I think that there needs to be a few other factors for consideration.

There needs to be a malevolent intent involved. Not every spirit is a demon and not every spirit has evil intent. I you believe that there are good and bad spirits then you need to believe that there are also intended reasons for their being that can have good and bad connotations.

It believe that a possession can not take place unless the spirit is welcome. There is a huge debate that items such as Ouija boards and such can open doors to unwelcome spirits. True this can happen, but it isn't the boards that are inviting those spirits in... it's the participants. This is not something to be trifled with or taken lightly.

I know this post will catch some of you off guard. After all, my paranormal was a light and fluffy Cinderella fantasy. But with shows such as Paranormal State and Ghost Hunters showing almost nightly the increase in awareness of paranormal activity would increase curiosity and in turn people bringing things into their lives that they are unprepared to handle.

As always, tread lightly, be respectful and do your research... and when necessary seek help.

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