Rhode Island, Saturday and bad weather

Well, the inevitable has happened. Snow is coming. And it's coming this Friday into Saturday which means that I won't be making the three and half to four hour drive to Rhode Island to speak at the Rhode Island Romance Writers meeting at the Cumberland Library in Cumberland, Rhode Island. I gave it a valiant effort, but even though snow rarely stops me I find that I don't know those roads well enough to brave it.Never fear though... we are in talks to move the presentation to another date. My "Creating the Believable Anti-hero" will be available at another time... so stay tuned. After all, this snow can't last forever... OR CAN IT?!

on the topic of exorcisms...

On one of the morning shows this morning there was an interview with a priest about the increase in request for exorcisms. This is not just in the States, but across the world. There have been so many requests that the Vatican has added more priests to cover the requests. This in itself is interesting, but what caught my attention were the Priest's comments on what the church considers to be viable reasons to perform an exorcism.

1. The person in question speaks in tongue, foreign languages, especially spoken in another tone.
2. Knowledge of secret things, things that cannot be known by others.
3. Must possess superhuman strength.

These are the things that they consider to be confirmation of a demon possession.

While each of these things combined could lead someone to believe that there is demon possession, I think that there needs to be a few other factors for consideration.

There needs to be a malevolent intent involved. Not every spirit is a demon and not every spirit has evil intent. I you believe that there are good and bad spirits then you need to believe that there are also intended reasons for their being that can have good and bad connotations.

It believe that a possession can not take place unless the spirit is welcome. There is a huge debate that items such as Ouija boards and such can open doors to unwelcome spirits. True this can happen, but it isn't the boards that are inviting those spirits in... it's the participants. This is not something to be trifled with or taken lightly.

I know this post will catch some of you off guard. After all, my paranormal was a light and fluffy Cinderella fantasy. But with shows such as Paranormal State and Ghost Hunters showing almost nightly the increase in awareness of paranormal activity would increase curiosity and in turn people bringing things into their lives that they are unprepared to handle.

As always, tread lightly, be respectful and do your research... and when necessary seek help.

I feel justified...

I've told the story at least a couple hundred times of our summer vacation to Pennsylvania about two years ago when we ended up evacuating the state in the middle of the night. You see, it rained, and rained, and rained. For days on end. More rain then they've had in years. And we were camping in the mountains south of Carlisle near Gettysburg during the storm. Eventually, after spending the afternoon helping the campground owners try to save the campers that were in the low, river level area of the campground (where we started out I might add) we ended up shutting the camper up and heading for Maine at around Midnight. As we crossed the mountains headed for the New York border they were calling a state wide State of Emergency and evacuating towns all along the way.
Believe me, you've never really lived till you've been knee deep in swollen river water trying to help someone and they tell you to watch out for snakes! That should have been enough to send us Mainers heading for home. But then stupidity will usually win out when it comes to our vacations... instead we just moved to higher ground.

Anyway, I don't think that people have ever quite believed me when I say how bad it was... And then I was watching the deleted scenes from GhostHunters Season 1 and low and behold... they were in Pittsburgh for the momentous trip and caught the conditions on camera. Check it out...

A late Valentine Post...

Yes, this post is late. But in my defense I got home from Connecticut at 2am.

You see, I went there for the wake for my aunt. Francis Ellen Rose, affectionately known as Aunt Ellen in my house, was as much a grandmother as my real grandmother. She was my grandfather's sister, the baby of her family. She was short on stature, but long on all the things that matter... love, strong sense of honor and a woman who enjoyed the abolute respect of those who met her over the years. She was a woman who despite any adversity could tackle anything and do it with determination, love and even a bit of sarcastic humor. This post isn't about sadness, this post is about a celebration of the woman. She was leagues ahead of her time, both her and my grandmother. And I'll miss them both greatly.

But this also leads me to the other reason for posting this as a late Valentine's post. This is for Aunt Ellen and Uncle Fred. They had one of the greatest love stories ever. He tortured her daily with his inciting humor and she retaliated with volleys of loved filled sarcasm. We talked a lot about this at the wake and it was commented that she said they had gotten along so well over the years because they never went to bed mad. I'm sure this was a huge factor, but there was also something about them that always felt right when they were together. They complimented each other in every way and if there was ever a definition of a soulmate it was those two...

So, for Aunt Ellen and Uncle Fred... thank you for the inspiration. May I have even half the love that you experienced in your life.

Enough said...

“Cherish your vision and your dreams as they are the children of your soul - the blueprints of your ultimate achievements.”
- Napoleon Hill

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