I've been tagged.

If Nina Pierce weren't such a wonderful, dear friend I'd find a way to snowmobile the hundreds of miles up to the top of the state and give her a wedgie. But truly. Since I'm passing this on I guess I'd better not threaten. After all, what you put out there is what you get back :)

Anyway, here are the rules...
* List seven things about yourself

* Link to the blog of the person who tagged you (see highlighted name above).

* Tag seven new unsuspecting "friends" and have them list seven things about them...

Here's my list.
1. When I was a kid I aspired to grow up and become the tour guide on the safari ride at Disney World. I'd seen the old black and white, grainy tour of the park and knew that was my calling. Obviously my course of direction got derailed, but I did find myself at DisneyWorld this last August on my 40th birthday and I got to ride the Safari ride as a b-day present... Yeah for me.

2. I'm deathly afraid of walking on ice. It's more than being creeped out by the cracking. And frankly, I can go to an ice rink and be fine. I actually took skating lessons until the point when they insisted that my body was able to leave the ice and return without shattering into a thousand pieces. But it's lakes and ponds that freak me out. I credit it to two things. I had an aunt who died young after she fell through the ice on a pond and caught pneumonia. And when I was a kid we were skating on a pond and some of the older kids pointed out a turtle that was frozen in the ice. Not just a small turtle. He was huge. From then on I was freeked...

3. I've talked about losing my mom, but what I don't talk about enough is how great my Dad is... he's my biggest fan. He'd go through a snowstorm to go to one of my booksignings just to be there for me. I call that a great guy.

4. In Obsidian, the town that is described in the book is patterned after the little place I grew up. It's a beautiful pennisula jutting into the Atlantic ocean and it's one way in.... and the same road out.

5. When I was a kid I collected those free travel brochures from all 50 states. You know, the kind you see in the back of magazines? I dreamed of traveling the world. I'm still working on it... which brings me to...

6. I am a road trip junkie. Long or short, several days or all in one. I love to get behind the wheel and drive. It's the ultimate freedom for me. For my kids... not so much :)

7. I'm living a dream. Granted, I'm not the household name that Nora is, but I'm truly doing what I love.

So, here are my next tags. Diane, Michelle, Susan and Kelly are dear friends of mine. They can't hate me. As for April, Anne and Kate are all authors that I admire... and as such, I can't wait for their answers so that I can learn more about them:
1. Diane Amos
2. Michelle Libby
3. Susan Vaughan
4. April Star
5. Kelly McClymer
6. Anne McAlister
7. Kate Walker

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Kate Walker said...

OK Teagan - I've listed my 7 things - and there's one little extra point that I've mentioned that might please you!

Thanks for saying how much you like my books


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