It's going to be a quiet day...

not that I don't have tons to do. I always do on days off from the regular job. Plus, today is my MERWA meeting day which means that I get to see my best and oldest friends.

But the problem is... I lost my voice. I've been dealing with a massive cold for the last couple days and now it's gone to a full blown case of laryngitis. The kids at home and work will be happy, no doubt!

Anyway, every month at the MERWA meetings we talk about what we accomplished since the last meeting. I'm happy to say that I have lots to whisper about. I finished Once a Hero. And I sent it off to the editor who was interested. I joined PAN, the published authors network for Romance Writers of America.

As you can see, it's going to be a a lot to report on... to bad I don't have the voice to say it all. Maybe they'll just accept this blog post as my accomplishments :)

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