In my quest to find suitable music to write by I came across a podcast from Marc Gunn called appropriately enough... Marc Gunn's Pub Songs. I got it on iTune, but I'm sure it can be gotten other places. If you like interesting pub music check out his podcast. I've never heard celtic music that incorporated cats into his songs. He does an amusing version of the Old Dunn Cow that is rousing. Check out his music at


So this is so not one of my pictures... I happened to be there during July and not during Mardi Gras, but the beads? Well, the beads being thrown from balconies happen alllllllll the time....

Right, Diane?!

Laissez les bon temps roullez

For those of you who celebrate the awe of Mardi Gras... let the good times roll!

I was lucky enough to visit New Orleans during the 2001 Romance Writers of America conference. The city was beautiful and welcoming and I had a wonderful time... I'd show you the pictures, but you know what they say... what happens in New Orleans, stays in New Orleans...

If you are having problems getting a copy of Obsidian at your local bookstore, please let know. I'm trying to track down any problems and I may be able to direct you to another store that may have it.

Also, I've a booksigning coming up on St. Patrick's Day. Very fitting for those of you that know me. It's at Borders in the MerryMeeting Plaza, Brunswick, Maine from 11-1. For those of you that are interested in writing romance I will be giving a talk at Maine RWA at the Bookland Cafe, Cooks Corner Mall from 1-2, just a mile down the road. The topic is Creating the Believable Anti-Hero: A stepped approached to a believable villian. There is a small fee of $5 for the meeting, but if you are interested in beginning to write romance or if you've started and need a little support or help, then there is no better group than Maine RWA to help you find your way.

Da Bears...

Yes, I get a lot of flack for it. In a state filled with Patriot fans I am a Bears fan. But let me clarify that a bit. I'm a 1985 season Bears fan.


Let me also say that I am not a statistic quoting, know-all-the-names-of-the-players football watcher. What I am is someone who appreciates two very important things... A team that makes you root for them. They are characters that make the game come to life for everyone... including non-card carrying football fans. These are the guys that suck you in and give the game the personal feel that I find so hard to get with any kind of sports on TV. It's a name recognition thing. The '85 Bears were stars at this. With Payton, Perry and Ditka... no one can quite reach the level of accessibility that these guys had. They were larger than life (In Perry's case, more so) and they're antics made them even bigger. Superbowl Shuffle anyone? Saturday Night Live "Da Bears" that still comes up when they are mentioned in my house. Ditka alone was enough of a reason to watch just to see who he was going to be mad at... he didn't bother to limit it to the other team. I always was wondering when he was going to have a coronary.

The other thing that I appreciate is an underdog. The '85 Bears were not the odds on Favorites and that made them all the more lovable in my book. They fought for what they wanted and they got it. Yes, they crowed about it! But we were crowing right along with them. At least I was!

This is not to say that this years Bears are not worthy. I think they and Coach Lovie deserve to be where they are. They made their way carefully there and yes, there are some that say they don't deserve it. But then... it's a game.

Okay, so you are saying what the heck does this possibly have to do with being a writer? Why post this on a romance writer's blog? Because if you think about it, the '85 Bears brought the same things to that Superbowl that we should be bringing to our characters. Make them larger than life, give them purpose, even make them the underdog to root for... just make sure that your readers are rooting for them. Maybe even 21 years after the book is read.

If you want to see a great article on the Bears '85 team check out this article.

So where am I at...

Despite the fact that last week was a killer week which included two trips to the emergency room with my son and about 6 hours of sleep total in three days... I'm doing pretty well. Yesterday was the official launch date for Obsidian and while this is greatly exciting I've found that as nerve wracking as I thought trying to sell the book to an editor was... trying to sell it to the general public is worse. Somewhere along the way I convinced myself that this would be a breeze. I have a background in publishing, albeit non-fiction. I've been through at least eight book launches and two software launches that I can remember and not one of them was nearly as scary as launching my own book. All my knowledge is useless unless you can get your book in front of a receptive audience. And let's face it... I love my family, they've been the most supportive people I know... but I don't think that there are several thousand of them out there waiting to buy my book. What does this mean? This means that I need to find as many people interested in what I write as possible... Can I do it? I certainly hope so... but in the meantime it looks like it's going to be one hell of a ride...

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