Home from New Jersey

and a wonderful time was had by all! Or at least all three of us that were rooming together. I must say that they put on a wonderful conference and probably the best when it comes to getting industry news and offering the opportunity to meet with editors and agents and picked up some great books.

For those looking for some good reads... try this on for size!

Get out your asbestos gloves, cause Annette Blair has created a very, very hot book! If you haven't read this book yet... run right out and get it. You aren't getting my copy. Ms. Blair has created wonderful, funny and sexy characters that charm more than each other, they charm the reader. It was one of those books that you can't put down til it's done. But when it's done you're sorry that it's over. Thanks Ms. Blair for the ride!

Ugh! It's 4am

You may be wondering what I'm doing up at the unforgivable hour? I'm getting ready to go to New Jersey. Yup! As Willie says (and he gets quoted often at my house)... We're on the road again. This time we're headed for the New Jersey RWA Conference in Iselin, New Jersey. Diane Amos, Deb N. and I are headed south, fueled on by coffee and cheap take out food. We do this quite often and have found that we travel quite well together. We've become good friends, bonded by long hours on the road, an ability stand each other for indeterminate periods of time and a love of writing romance. So, if you see my newly place www.TeaganOliver.com sticker on the back of my truck headed south then honk. Oh, and never mind about the sticker being crooked. That's what happens when hubby and I try to freehand things. I'll fixed the blasted thing when I get back.

If you are in New Jersey on Saturday, October 6 from 4-5:30 and you love Romance then check us all out at the Sheraton Woodbridge at 515 US Route 1 South. Here's the link for those interested... here. Diane and I will be signing. Oh yeah... there will also be C.H. Admirand, Nikki Alton, Elizabeth Amber, Cris Anson, Angelique Armae, Joani Ascher, Mardi Ballou, Shobhan Bantwal, Heidi Betts, Annette Blair, Linda Bleaser, Gerri Bowen, Elizabeth Boyle, Amanda Brice, Kaarina Brooks, Gemma Bruce, Ludima Burton, Christine Bush, Janine Cammarata, A. Dee Carey, Marie Carroll, Jennifer Colgan, Kristina Cook, Beth Ciotta, Bianca D'Arc, Donna Dalton,
Karyn DaRosa, Dee Davis, Genie Davis, Roni Denholtz, Anna DePalo, Anna DeStefano, Kate Henry Doran, Isabelle Drake, Kathy Dubois, Anne Elizabeth, Carole Fowler, Shelley Freydont, Barbara Gale, Jean Gordon, R. Garland Gray, Cathy Greenfeder, Kristin Hardy, Brenda Harlen,
Arianna Hart, Helen Henderson, Nancy Herkness, Sharon Horton, Hannah Howell, Eloisa James,
Virginia Kantra, Patricia Kay, Jenna Kernan, Kathleen Korbel, Shara Lanel, Caroline Linden, Jaen Lockwood, Tracey Lyons, Sally MacKenzie, Dana Marton, Penelope Marzec, Liz Maverick,
Susan Meier, Tanya Michna, Bridget Midway, L.B. Milano, Kay Moretz, Sherry Morris, Debra Mullins, Aleka Nakis, Joy Nash, Sophia Nash, Tara Nina, Molly O'Keefe, Kathleen O'Reilly, Elizabeth Owen, Irene Peterson, Caridad Pineiro, Rhonda Pollero, Kathryn Quick, Chris Redding, Maya Rodale, Kathryn Smith, Mariah Stewart, Trixie Stilletto, RaeAnne Thayne,
Kate Welsh, Christine Wenger, Diane Whiteside, Eileen Wilks, Lois Winston, Diane Wylie,
Lara Zeises.

Sorry guys, but at this time of the morning I'm not doing the individual links.
I'm off... Wish me luck!

Farewell and thank you...

Miss Moneypenny has exited the building...
Now, I'm not the fanatical James Bond fan that my nephew is, but I have a very healthy dose of admiration for the films. After all, I grew up in the seventies and my Dad was a big spy thriller fan. I must say that the character of Miss Moneypenny always fascinated me. In essence she was a true heroine. I always suspected that she was the one who kept the Agency running. She kept things on an even keel, she managed the top men in the government, kept their secrets, charmed them and did it all while looking absolutely fabulous.
I read an interview this morning about how she when she took on the role in Dr. No in 1962 (still one of my absolute favorites) she had a couple of stipulations. The first was that Miss M have a past and the second that Director Terrance Young not make her into a frumpy secretary. Her long time friendship with Roger Moore came through in the comfortable yet sizzling dialogue.She had style and class and the chemistry between them was something straight out of a romance novel. While James saw fulfillment with the multiple other women throughout the movies it was always obvious that he respected her for her intelligence and her beauty. Aparently, she was the same off the screen. Lois Maxwell pursued a career in acting and used her intelligence, perseverance and beauty to make her an icon. Off screen she was an adventurer, pilot... and from what I read as much of a flirt as Miss M.
So, for today I think we should salute Miss M a.k.a Lois Maxwell and raise a glass to intelligence, beauty, sizzling chemistry and the love of great looking men...

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