In honor of The Pink Heart Society's Male Monday...

And since they were so RIGHT to pick Gabriel Byrne as their choice for today's Male Monday recipient... I'm posting some of my favorite Gabriel pics...
The first time I really noticed him was when I saw Stigmata. Stigmata is one of those movies that you're not sure you want to watch because you know it's not a lighthearted movie, but if you watch it for just a moment you are sucked in until the very gorgeous last scene in the garden.
You definitely see a side of him that is tough, but vulnerable and defiant yet loyal. So, of course... he became Sullivan, my hero, in the book that I'm working on now. He just has that ability to play characters that straddle the line between good and bad and that is just what I wanted to portray in Sullivan. Someone who on the outside looks bad, but then you glimpse the bit of him floating in the undercurrent and realize that there is a much deeper man there then first thought.

I've mentioned this little none film before, but if you are a Gabriel fan then you should check out This is the Sea (1997). Set just after the 1994 cease fire, it also had Richard Harris in it. You've got to love Richard Harris. He was so eccentric he could have been a Mainer. Anyway, I digress, but this story was one that I've searched for over the years. Unfortunately, the cost has put it a bit above my price range, but I remain ever vigilant on eBay for a copy I can afford.

So, until then... I'll leave you with this incredibly great pic of him for your enjoyment.

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