Dark days...

Most of you know that I'm a huge Gilmore Girls fan. Even now that it's off the air I continue to enjoy the reruns. Well, one of the episodes recently featured Luke's dark day. This was the day every year that he retreated from society and mourned his father. It was the day that he allowed himself the chance to feel the pain and show respect. For me... this is my dark day. Four years ago I lost my mom to colon cancer. I can't really believe that it's four year because I feel like she was just with me yesterday. I mourn her, I miss her and I keep going... that's what she would have wanted. You've seen me post this advice before, but I'll continue on as long as there is breath in me... make your life an example of being kind and generous to others. Pay it forward, commit random acts of kindness and just listen... whatever you feel is appropriate. But most of all, hug your mom... because you never know when you might not get another chance.

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Mary said...

As I said the other day Beth, I'm awful sorry about your Mum. She was a great lady. I miss seeing her. She was always happy, laughing and joking...even when she was sick.
By the way I fixed my blog.
Take care.

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