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I know that there have to be other writers out there who have experienced this... you buy a book, you stay up all night reading it... and then you wish you'd been the one to write it. Well, this week I went to Borders to use my trusty $5 coupon they had sent me and I picked up my much wanted Eloisa James book... on the way out I spied The Forever Summer from Suzanne MacPherson. Now, the cover was cute, but for some reason I found myself drawn to the book. I picked it up... read the back and found it to be quite funny sounding, plus it had a ghost whisperer and a mystery and a romance... all my favorite things. So, despite being unfamiliar with Ms. MacPherson's work I picked it up and headed for the counter. It wasn't until I sat down on my lunch break to find that from the first page I was completely hooked... by first page I mean the acknowledgement... she had dedicated it to the checker chicks and guys at Safeway and suggested that a party was due on aisle 9.

Now... For those of you who don't know... my day job is working for a grocery chain here in the Northeast. In particular, I spent a lot of years being one of those checkergirls and I have a true appreciation for anyone who does the job. So, of course, I was sucked in immediately to the story. But alas, lunch breaks are never long enough and even if I'm a speed reader (which I hate) I didn't get as far as I'd like... so I was left with the opening image of a all-around-grocery girl in charge of tasting who'd given a customer a sample of Cheez Whiz on crackers with olives and said customer had promptly "cashed out" in the produce department. Well, I went right back to the front end and told the cashiers that I'd found a great new book. For days they haven't left me alone. They want me to finish the book so they can get their hands on it. Well, I'm finished, but tough luck... it's a keeper and it's mine! If you don't like it you can bag your own groceries girls and guys! I'm keeping it for another reread and maybe to highlight the really GOOD parts!

If I had a rating system Ms. MacPherson's book would be at the top. Instead, she has to settle for a makeshift 5 out of 5 fake cheese in a can rating. Oh yeah, for those in my area of the country? The party is in aisle 10!

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