Becoming Jane... becoming a fan

Short of winning Powerball and the 300 million... I've got to take my entertainment from a much more realistic manner. That being said, I just got back from seeing Becoming Jane with my daughter.

For those of you who have been living on another planet or have been on vacation (like I was) and have not heard about this movie... then shame on you. For anyone who sighs at the name Mr. Darcy or relishes the banter, wit and intelligence of Ms. Austin's books, then this is a must see.

Never mind that that the movie is filled with the same spectacular scenery and locations that stir the heart and soul, there is a absolute endearing quality to all the relationships within the movie. It is through this insight that we see the inspirations of her heart and can truly know the motivations that pushed her to write.

We as writers know our own motivations, they are the nightmares, the daydreams, the mindless chatter and the single significant conversations that have us reaching for the computer or a pen and paper. We can learn so much from just observations and our most import insights come from the day to day interactions around us.

Oh yeah... a cute Scottish guy doesn't hurt either.
James McAvoy is clearly the only man I've ever seen represented in any movie of this genre and period that can carry off that hairstyle and make it clearly sexy. And the eyes don't hurt either. (If you are my daughter and you are reading this then you can take your hands from your eyes and just remember that mom isn't dead yet!)

I cried, laughed and at times my breath caught within me. What a wonderful ride.

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