Or as it is otherwise known at my house... trying to recreate your life's work after your computer crashes and you haven't backed it up lately.

You would think I'd learn. This certainly isn't the first time I've had this little disappearing number happen on me. But I truly think that it comes from being an optimist. I charge bravely in believing that the worst can't possibly happen to me... again. And of course, it does. This time it took a week to get it back and a couple hundred dollars. Also a scolding by several who said... just leave the computer alone and write, will you!

There is a sort of fall cleaning about it. They were able to save my documents, but in order to get them back I had to go through them first. I also had to add my favorites again which meant weeding through the blog addresses that don't work or those who haven't updated in quite some time. And then, there is the demise of my email address book...
This is by the far the worst loss so far. I had so many contact addresses in it and information that I am at a staggering stilting halt because it's gone.

Lesson for today... back up your stuff. All of it. Even the little stuff. End of lesson.

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