Yup! I'm entering my latest contest into the Beach Bum Book Bonanza!
For anyone who signs up for my new yahoogroups reader list at I will put their name into the monthly drawing for a bunch of goodies.
In celebration of my latest release I'm giving away a download of The Three Truths of Katie Talmadge... it's been getting great reviews and it's the perfect summer read. Love, hope and a little magic all in one great story!
Also, I'm giving away a book thong (sorry, not a better word for it yet...) that is one of my own fabulous creations along with a charm bracelet that I am specially making to go along with the release of Three Truths. (When you read the book you'll find out why this is so appropriate!)
So, if you want to get in on the action and have a great read for those long summer nights then go ahead and sign up... And don't forget to check out The Three Truths of Katie Talmadge on my website

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