What have I been working on?

Well, once I got over the fact that June had arrived I began to hyperventilate when I realized that I had much to do to get ready for my next book launch. It's due out in July and it's the second book to come out, but it's the first that will be coming out as an ebook and as a trade paperback size.

Just a bit about the book...

Title: The Three Truths of Katie Talmadge
Genre: Contemporary, Sweet Paranormal
Setting: Salem, Massachusetts... 1 week before Halloween

Now, let me explain about the above information. I had no idea that they would stick with that title or I'm sure that I would never had titled it anything so long. It went through many incarnations, but I had always heard that editors rarely take you titles so I thought that I was safe. I just wanted something catchy to get the attention of the editor. They decided to keep it... go figure....

The genre? I know. I know. There are those out there who are wondering what happened to my suspense slash mysteries... but never fear I am still writing those. Originally, this book came to be when Harlequin started their Soulmates line. They were doing a lot of fanciful characters and fairy type story lines and I realized that it was my chance to write the version of a Cinderella story that I'd always wanted to write... hence The Three Truths came to be. Also, it's a "sweet" story, so there is no need to fear that there is anything more than a kiss or two in the story and the paranormal isn't a precursor to Werewolves and vampires, but you may find a ghost included.

Setting? Salem... long since a favorite of mine. Where else can you go and feel that being not-typical is a benefit?! Really, there is so much more to Salem then witches. It has an incredibly beautiful harbor and some of the most gorgeous examples of early New England Architecture that can be found. And yes, there are some witches and goulies to be found there as well.

Anyway, I plan on telling you more about the book as the month goes along. I truly love this story because the idea behind it is very dear to my heart. I hope it will touch all of your hearts as well.

Stay tuned for more about The Three Truths....

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