Just a little heartbroken...

Elizabeth Ogilvie has passed away.

Now, I'm sure that quite a few of her are asking who I'm talking about... Her first book was published in 1944 and her books are still being republished today by Downeast Books here in Maine to the delight of scores of New Englanders who love her books.

Let me explain... my mother was a incredible fan of Ms. Ogilvie's books. My mother grew up in a small fishing community and she identified with the characters of Ms. Ogilvie's books. She passed that love on to me and the first romances that I read was Elizabeth's. All of her books centered around fishing families struggling with the day to day existence on an island off the coast of Maine. They were hard working, hard playing and hard loving families and her books contained such rich descriptions that the reader was transported to the island.

She was an early series writer and as I read I saw her characters grow up and and grow old. They fought, they loved, they mourned and they married. My mother awaited each new book with huge anticipation... and when I started writing I knew that I wanted to bring that same kind of life to my books that Ms. Ogilvie brought to hers.You see... the funny and sad part of all of this is that in January when my book came out I found her address and vowed to send her a copy of my book. I wasn't looking for a quote or even a response... I merely wanted her to know just how much she had inspired my writing. My son became sick in January and my mission to send her the book was forgotten.

I missed my chance.

I've been asked several times about which author inspired me most in my writing. My response is usually the same... it all began on the cliffs of an island overlooking an rough ocean filled with promise and life... I tip my pen to a woman who inspired so many of us... Elizabeth Ogilvie.

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