Well, the book signing was a success... at least I think it was. Frankly, I was so nervous that it was hard to judge it because my knees were knocking so bad. Many thanks to my family for showing their support and to my daughter who was alright with my leaving her birthday party to sign books at Borders. The borders staff was wonderful and tried very hard to put me at ease. I really appreciated all that they did... And thank you to all who stopped by to talk with me. It makes the nerves worth it. In case you are wondering who the man is in the picture with me... it's my dad! Much love to the guy who taught me that there are truly men out there who can be called a hero. They don't make them quite like my dad.


Anonymous said...

Mary and I are very proud of you!!!
Love the picture of you and your Dad. Congratulations!!! Sarah

colleen gleason said...

Congrats on the booksigning! The first ones are nerve-wracking, but fun, huh?

Thanks for the link to my website, by the way. How nice of you to show off my book on your site. :-)

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