If you are having problems getting a copy of Obsidian at your local bookstore, please let know. I'm trying to track down any problems and I may be able to direct you to another store that may have it. TeaganOliver@yahoo.com

Also, I've a booksigning coming up on St. Patrick's Day. Very fitting for those of you that know me. It's at Borders in the MerryMeeting Plaza, Brunswick, Maine from 11-1. For those of you that are interested in writing romance I will be giving a talk at Maine RWA at the Bookland Cafe, Cooks Corner Mall from 1-2, just a mile down the road. The topic is Creating the Believable Anti-Hero: A stepped approached to a believable villian. There is a small fee of $5 for the meeting, but if you are interested in beginning to write romance or if you've started and need a little support or help, then there is no better group than Maine RWA to help you find your way.

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