Just a few notes on the new year...

As the new year arrives and only 16 days until my book ships I find myself feeling like one of those rocket fireworks that has just been lit and is merely waiting for the fuse to get to the desired point for launching. I am breathlessly excited to the point of sleeplessness. Not that I sleep much as it is, but the weight of 12 years is bearing on my shoulders. This has been a long time coming and I only hope that there won't be those that read the book and wonder why I've bothered.
I know it seems a bit childish of me to admit to being scared as to what the critics will say, but I care greatly for what my family thinks after all this time.

I've spent some time reading today. Now, for most this would be nothing, but for me it is a bit of a guilty pleasure. Since I started truly dedicating myself to the writing I can count on one hand the days when I put it all aside to just enjoy reading a book. Two of those days have been spent reading Eloisa James.

If you haven't read her books yet then please hurry off and do so. My guilty pleasure has always been regency romances. I've loved them since my first Barbara Cartland and I show no signs of giving them up anytime soon. They've evolved over the years into a much more intense genre, breathing life, suspense, joy, love and so many more emotions into such a glittering, enthralling time period. Eloisa has such a gift for transporting her readers into the realm of regency that it nearly breaks my heart to put down her books. Not only that, but having met her at a recent conference I can tell you that she is an extremely sweet person to talk to... :) I devour her books and find myself unable to do anything else until the very last page. She has a voice that reminds me of English moors, women of strength and men who, despite their faults, have a generous loving nature inside. Run out and pick them up... they are worth whatever the cost...

Lastly, I wish everyone a joyous new year. May it be filled with love, hope and laughter.

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