Vast Explorer II

Vast Explorer II
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Pirates and the ocean... they are inseparable. I've been fascinated by both since my earliest memories and somehow they always creep into my writing in one form or another. Anyway, a year or so ago I read a book called EXPEDITION WHYDAH by Barry Clifford and Paul Perry about their adventures excavating the wreck of the Whydah that went down off Cape Cod during a hurricane in the early 1700's. This is the stuff of dreams, chasing something that no one else believes exists or thinks is possible... but then, isn't that what makes a dream a dream. Anyway, I found this picture of the Vast Explorer II, originally from South Bristol, Maine (not too far from my neighborhood) when I was doing some research. She's a 65 foot fishing boat that was rigged to bring up treasure. She is now worn, she's seen much better days... but she's still proud. There's a lesson there somewhere... Enjoy...

Pay it forward... Random Acts of Kindness

My mother was a firm believer in committing random acts of kindness. The idea that it only takes a moment to do something nice for someone else without thought of recognition or repayment. I was having this discussion with my husband last night. I told him that if I won the lottery I would use the money to commit random acts for others like... paying to have a tank of oil delivered to someone who can't afford it. Buying groceries and having them delivered to an elderly person who lives on a fixed income. Or buying out the entire Christmas Tree lot and then having them give the trees away.

While it would seem that I wasn't the only one embracing the holiday spirit with a thought toward others. Celeste Gleason, author of the upcoming All Falls Away from Signet in January is running a contest on her site called Pay it forward.

She is challenging others to commit random acts in honor of the season and you can win a super prize package as a great motivator. While you are there check out the cover of her upcoming release it's fantastic. I'll be one of those standing in line at the bookstore when it's released.

Pay it forward... Random Acts of Kindness

My mom was a huge believer in random acts of kindness... those little things that people do everyday without thought of recognition or repayment. This would be a way to Pay it forward. Give something to others, whether it's a helping hand, a uplifting moment, or something that is more valuable then money. I was actually talking to my husband about this last night. I told him that it would be fun to win the lottery and then use the money to do these little random acts. Pay someone's oil bill. Have a bag of groceries deliveried to an elderly person whose living on a fixed income. Buy out the entire Christmas tree lot and then give the trees away...

Anyway, you get the picture... but I was very surprised to see that Celeste Gleason was doing a Pay it forward contest on her site.

For All the World to See: Pay it forward...and Win a Venator Survival Kit!

It seems that she thinks very much along the same lines that I do. If you would like to enter follow the link and check it out. And while you are there be sure to check out her upcoming release. It's got a gorgeous cover. And even though I've never had the pleasure of meeting her in person, I've actually listed it on my site as a book that I'm looking forward to reading. It looks like it's going to be a keeper.

And don't forget... it only takes a second to Pay it forward with a random act of kindness.

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