Vast Explorer II

Vast Explorer II
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Pirates and the ocean... they are inseparable. I've been fascinated by both since my earliest memories and somehow they always creep into my writing in one form or another. Anyway, a year or so ago I read a book called EXPEDITION WHYDAH by Barry Clifford and Paul Perry about their adventures excavating the wreck of the Whydah that went down off Cape Cod during a hurricane in the early 1700's. This is the stuff of dreams, chasing something that no one else believes exists or thinks is possible... but then, isn't that what makes a dream a dream. Anyway, I found this picture of the Vast Explorer II, originally from South Bristol, Maine (not too far from my neighborhood) when I was doing some research. She's a 65 foot fishing boat that was rigged to bring up treasure. She is now worn, she's seen much better days... but she's still proud. There's a lesson there somewhere... Enjoy...

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