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Life according to Gilmore Girls:
Luke: "Crazy town... they should all be medicated complete with pingpong tables and puppets."

Believe it or not, I can relate to this. I've talked before about the great talk that I went to from Jenny Crusie about putting community in your books. This would be a prime example and one that illustrates that community is nothing more than extended family. Good or bad, crazy or sane, shifty, straightforward, loving, cynical, smart, competitive, sneaky, and sometimes even a little too close for comfort. I remember saying to a friend of the family that I missed living in my old home town. I missed the fact that just across the street was someone who had known me all my life and that they knew me... the good and the bad and sane and the crazy. She reminded me that sometimes when you live in that kind of place that people know more about you than they should. But then, that comes with a family as well.

All this rambling has a purpose. Your family is your community and that is one of the strongest themes that readers can relate to in your books. Whether it's all the people living on the third floor of a Brooklyn apartment building. The members of a secret archaic Victorian society with ritualistic entrance exam or those people that populate your own hometown. Remember, community is those that are closest around you... family... the crazy and the so-called sane.

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