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Grief in Storytelling

I'm hard at work on STEALING THUNDER. The number 2 book in the Darkness Paranormal series that I'm writing. As in STEALING DARKNESS, this book deals considerably with grief. It's a recurring theme for most of my work, mostly because of the truth of the emotion. InSTEALING DARKNESS, the grief is over an unseen loss and how it relates to her own inability to save someone. But in STEALING THUNDER, the grief has several avenues. The first is Graham's coming to terms with the loss of his mother, a loss he thought he dealt with long ago. For Grace, it's watching a friend slowing fading away. And for a little girl, it's dealing with the grief of watching her mother die and knowing there's no way to stop it.

People automatically think that grief is something that happens after death. But in fact, from the moment we realize the finality of a situation we are forced to deal with our own mortality, and the inevitability of loss. I've often heard people say that i…

Wisdom fueled by massive quantities of caffeine...

Life according to Gilmore Girls:
Luke: "Crazy town... they should all be medicated complete with pingpong tables and puppets."

Believe it or not, I can relate to this. I've talked before about the great talk that I went to from Jenny Crusie about putting community in your books. This would be a prime example and one that illustrates that community is nothing more than extended family. Good or bad, crazy or sane, shifty, straightforward, loving, cynical, smart, competitive, sneaky, and sometimes even a little too close for comfort. I remember saying to a friend of the family that I missed living in my old home town. I missed the fact that just across the street was someone who had known me all my life and that they knew me... the good and the bad and sane and the crazy. She reminded me that sometimes when you live in that kind of place that people know more about you than they should. But then, that comes with a family as well.

All this rambling has a purpose. Your family is…

And another one

Okay, we've got another one and yes... I'm starting to become obsessed with where my book is showing up. I found a great way of tracking it by going to where they compare the prices and places available of my books. As a thrifty New Englander I'm all for finding a great price.

Here's the latest place:

Nice site. I was quite impressed with it.

I'll update more as I find them.

It's starting

Happy Turkey Day to everyone. I hope you had an enjoyable and filling day. I spent mine with my family and my Dad, his friend and my sister and nephew. We ate too much, laughed incessantly, and I gave my dad the copy of the book so he could see that it was dedicated to him. That made the day the best ever.

Well, it's starting... already I'm beginning to see my book pop up on the various online booksellers and it has me completely, utterly shaken. Not even seeing my book in the beautiful 4-color covered arc (advanced reader copy) could make me as happy as I was seeing my name next to my book available for advanced purchase. Granted, there are no photos of the cover yet, no snappy reviews, but it's a start and I'll take it.

So far it's shown up on the following sites:

Barnes and Noble
Books a Million (the Canadian version) (not sure, German maybe?)
And a couple of sourcing sites for books. If you spot it on another site please let me know a…

Tis' the season...

Things I'm thankful for...
In no particular order...

Sneakers. Believe it or not, after standing in heels (even low ones) putting sneakers on feels like floating on a cloud. Thank you, thank you, thank you and my feet thank you...

A good cup of coffee. Yup, I'm one of those addicts who loves a good cup of coffee. I like it even better with the extra cream and sugar and while there are those out there who believe that this is sacrilege I think that a coffee without cream and sugar is like a Christmas tree without ornaments. Pretty to look at, but missing that something special.

Good kids. This goes without saying. It also is very nice to hear words from their teachers such as genuine, honest, and not afraid of a challenge. But I'll add a few of my own. Determined. Intelligent. Empathetically. Loving. And mine.

My Marriage. Again. Goes without saying much. But for someone who firmly believes that you are where you are supposed to be in your life for that particular time... I am t…