What a day...

I had a surreal sort of out-of-body experience tonight. Okay, so let me regress a little in my story....

I'd had one of those day. You know the kind where you are sure that you are leaving work with a lot fewer strands of hair then when you went in? Granted, I asked for this job... I really did, but because I care so much about the people that work for me I sometimes have a hard time separating it when they have problems. And... I work with teenagers alot... does that explain the hair falling out? Anyway, I came through the door to find that my much awaited ARCs for Obsidian had arrived. Finally, my name on an actually book. It was my justification for all those years spent plugging away at the computer. Finally, I could say at the holiday dinners, "Yes, I've actually been doing something all these years." The covers are wonderful. The books are wonderful. I read through some of the pages and it was as if I was looking at someone elses book and I ACTUALLY LIKED IT. At the bottom of the box was a note from the wonderful lady at the publishing company explaining that they had sent out copies for review.

And then I started to wonder... am I already out there?

I googled myself... same old website address. Lovely reference from my friend, Susan. Listing that I belong to KOD... Aack! I'm on EBay!

Now, don't get me wrong. For awhile there I was the EBay Queen. I sold an entire set of Pfaltzgraff dishes (except a few strangling pieces... anyone need any with the folk Art pattern). I sold dolls and pictures and what not... but me?! That was a bit too much to comprehend. So, after looking at it and then emailing the sender (who has it double listed since they posted it wrong in one spot) I decided that I wouldn't be able to leave myself at a measly little bid for .99 cents. Why not $2.00 at most. I could afford it and if I got it I would add it to my
ARCs. So, I bid.

I lost. I was outbid.

I bid again. I lost. I was outbid.

Finally, when it got to $5.00 dollars my nerve ran out. I mean, am I really willing to spend $5.00 and another $5.00 on shipping for ME? I don't know about that...

I'll keep you updated... and if anyone is looking for a copy of Obsidian early... well, you may have someone bidding against you.

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