I have a confession...

...I've become a Sci-Fi channel junkie. This is a new addiction. Up until recently the only show that I watched continually on the channel was the Ghost Hunters show. But they've added some interesting new shows to the line up this years, shows that make a writer like me say "OOOOOOHHHHHH!".

Dead Like Me... a show about the grim reaper. Sounds uplifting, doesn't it? It's about a girl who is killed when a piece of the space shuttle (a toilet seat) falls from space and hits her. Instead of moving on after death she becomes a part of a group of grim reapers whose job it is to collect souls from those are newly deceased. Doesn't exactly sound like light entertainment, but there are so many great facets to the show and so many possible opportunities for the characterst that I am literally kicking myself and wishing that I had somehow seen this kind of story.

The second show that I've seen bits and pieces of is Dark Angel with Jessica Alba. Despite the fact that Jessica looks like a twelve year old dark version of Buffy with a bad attitude again there are some great minds behind the show. I can't say that I understand the concept enough to relate it here, but I definitely think this should be put on the "check this out" list.

And finally, for those who missed the movie Dragon Sword... you missed a great, funny, highly entertaining movie about a Princess who runs away from it all to protect the last dragon's egg. Of course, you can't have a princess without a knight and in this case you have a tired, just-returning - from -the -crusades Knight in shiny armor played by James Purefoy (think the Black Prince in A Knights Tale). Patrick Swayze plays a rather disreptuable king wannabe and the whole story has a rather Mel Brooks-esque feel. Very good. Check it out if you can.

So it would appear that my writing evenings are going to be competing with the Sci-Fi channel for awhile... or at least until they go into reruns.

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