True inspiration can come in any guise. I've been known to find ideas from the back of cereal boxes, but I think that there is a definite difference between inspiration and story creation. I tend to think of inspiration as not a specific idea, but the thing that sparks us to sit down and do the writing. It isn't necessarily that twig of a thought that gives us our "aha" moment, instead I think of it as that swelling within us. Inspiration is that need that rises, setting our minds in motion and propelling us forward. Inspiration is a muse set to entice us. It is that heady feeling of being in the "zone" while we write. It is that time when we feel as if we have truly managed to get the words onto the page. Inspiration is adrenhaline for the creative soul, our food to fuel us... making our hearts beat faster and allowing us to block out everything around us.

Now, that said... it has been two months since my last blog entry. During that time I managed to survive multiple end of school activities, summer camp rituals, a family vacation that left us waterlogged in PA, and even some writing. I panicked a bit the other day when I realized that I had only 6 months until my book hits the shelves... a bit intimidating. And as always, that little quip of defeatest attitude plagues me at the back of my brain. I am determined to fight it. I've made it this far, I can certainly continue. I need only the inspiration to get it done.

Happy 4th to everyone!

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