Ancient irish text found in bog...

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The idea that this leather bound book could be found intact is absolutely a miracle. It dates to 800-1000 and was left open to a page describing in Latin Psalm 83. Psalm 83 I read is about Israel, a rather timely passage I think. And it's as if someone were reading it, studying it, and set it aside, only to lose it for a very long time... Perhaps, they went off in search of a cool drink, or maybe it was an itinerant priest, studying the words and was set off by a band of druids who were fighting to keep Christianity at bay on the Isle (okay, so that is my imagination fully at work). Or perhaps, they had a premonition that it would someday become a headline on Yahoo!. But the idea that out of those deep, dense, oxygen deprived peat bogs have come some of the worlds most celebrated artifacts is amazing. (think bog man... the poor man whose throat was slit and dumped in a bog centuries ago)

Of course, a text emerging from Ireland is not as far fetched as one would think. A select group of Celtic monks in Ireland were well educated and given the task of translating books such as the Book of Kells (approx. AD800) an elaborate text highlighted with wonderful designs. There are books out there that say that because of these Celtic Monks the world is as it appears today, that because they were charged with preserving these books they have allowed these thoughts and ideas to continue, pushing forward todays thinkers. I say good for them!

And of course, I can't finish this blog without mentioning Bog Man's details. As a teenager I was fascinated by these finds along with the ice age guy who was found in a similar state. I wanted to go to University of PA and study archeology, but alas it was not to be. Bog man, however, resurfaces from time to time, mostly on PBS specials or the discovery channel and always with speculation as to why his fate was as it was. Most bog bodies retrieved were upper class people, well groomed and healthy. So, as a writer I want to know why him or her?

Alas, I ramble... the idea was that time has been captured in the dense sphagnum bogs of Ireland. Our questions would be... divine providence? Or a chance to learn from the past? As they would on TV... You Decide...

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