Guardian Angel

Clearly, someone up there is looking out for me. Someone decided that if I was ever going to get this book to the shelf that I was going to need an angel. And in this case, they sent me Julie. Julie is my editor assigned by Tekno/Five Star who is helping me with the edits for my book. What she deserves is a medal the size of Ohio, but what she gets in it's place is a very grateful author. You see, somewhere along the way in my writing career I listened to all of the rules that I was told and I started trying to implement them to make my writing stronger. Some of these rules were the result of college writing classes. Granted, my professor was wonderful and encouraging, but she was a "literary" writer (and I don't mean that in any kind of sarcastic way as some writer's do). And she wanted me to learn the rules well, constantly pushing them into my already overloaded, too-old-for-college-but-gonna-do-it-anyway head. I bow to Ann Wescott Dodd, you taught me to persevere. But she also taught me a very structured, literal, concise writing. She taught me to throw out things like contractual words and keep them clean and pristine. And though I have heard it many times over the years, somewhere along the way I missed the boat and forgot that sometimes in order to write a story that sucks the reader in and doesn't let them go... sometimes you need to let go of the rules. Yes, yes, I know... for those of us who were at the Bob & Jenny show the other day at the Natick conference we should have understood that the rules need to be understood and then thrown out, but when you are unpublished you hold onto every rule given as if it were a pearl. I was just lucky enough to see someone who could see through it all and like my book.

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